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A couple of thing:

Can everyone sing the song twice. Once singing the song with no ensemble parts just the lead. Then sing it again, but this time only sing the ensemble parts. 

(That's the "ohhhhhhh!" and the "ooh ahh")

At the beginin just ad-lib. Just make stuff up. Like...

"Here we go Albuquerque"

"Hey Box Kids!"

"Let's do this"

Stuff like that. Think of other things to say.. Not just the suggestion I made.

Once you have the videos done put it in the google folder or email it to me.

This is going to be tricks!

Remember, use earphones so we don't hear the music on your video. You will need someone else to video since you will need your device to play the music.

Have fun!!! I look forward to all your creative videos.

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