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Our Story

Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company is  a  charitable nonprofit  501 (c)(3) 


 Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company, created by Doug Montoya and Kristin Berg in December 2004, prides itself on being one of the only children's theatre companies in Albuquerque that casts children on their ability to perform, not on their ability to pay. CPTC keeps itself viable by generating revenue through ticket sales and grants. CPTC was formed by a love of both improv and children, and fosters self expression, self confidence, and creativity through the use of an improv-based theatrical program. CPTC asks children to think for themselves and to take a sense of ownership in the show. To date Cardboard Playhouse has produced almost 100 productions casting over a thousand local adult and child actors.

Kristin K. Berg

Co-Artistic Director

Doug Montoya

Co-Artistic Director

Danae Holly


Madi Frost

Music Director

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