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2024 brings us to our 20th year! We have produced over 100 shows, with thousands of children coming through our program. Our most recent seasons have sold out the majority of our shows! 

Your advertisement in our Playbill will play a crucial role in supporting our vibrant theatre community and will directly assist in covering essential costs such as salaries, licensing, and theater & rehearsal space. Partner with us for show-stopping success!


Our commitment to casting based on a passion to perform rather than financial means promotes accessibility and diversity in our productions.  Youth are selected based on dedication, passion, performance, and talent.  By ensuring that the selection process is based on these criteria rather than their ability to pay, we create opportunities for all youth to engage in theatrical experiences, regardless of economic background.

Many of our company members & alums have gone on to perform professionally on stages and screens around the world, recieved advanced degrees and doctorates, and now work in the medical, law, and education fields. Some have even created their own theatre companies. 


“There are many ways you can help.”
You can become a corporate sponsor of an entire season or a single show, donate to our annual fundraising campaign, place an ad in our playbill, sponsor a cast party, donate products from your business (such as food and materials for sets & costumes), or volunteer your time. And of course, purchase tickets to see our amazing shows!

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